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Starting 2021 with a new start and no mail

A scenario happened to me that is all too familiar — I tried to find an email and realized that my inbox was too clunky and it was a futile attempt. This was not the first time or a new thing to happen, but the timing did happen to be at the end of an already frustrating year. Therefore, it led me to declare publically that I was going to Do Something About It.

So, now I had to put my money where my mouth was … and do it!

This blog is going to document the journey I went on to turn this declaration into a reality. It is going to be a two-part blog because 99% of my physical mail is located offsite. After all, my hoarding of it became so bad.


The problem:

  • Too many email addresses.
  • Just a collection of junk emails.
  • Increased attack vector.
  • Hard to find the emails that really mattered.

What I’m looking to achieve:

  • Get rid of all of my current emails.
  • Have a backup of the emails.
  • A system to not let this happen going forward.

The process

  • Use Google Takeout to export the data

    • Wait 3 days
  • Validate the data exported properly by importing it locally using Thunderbird
  • Delete all mail from inbox
  • Unsubscribing from services
  • Setting up OOO and mail forwarding for old email addresses

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