About me

Who is Alyssa Feola?

She a woman who wants to rule the world one day and chill on the couch the next. She has been known to be a “big personality” and never mistaken for being quiet. You’ll often hear yourself saying, “Woah, I hadn’t thought of that” or “Good question” after a conversation undoubtedly turns into a philosophical conversation related to various aspects of personal or professional life.

What does she do with her life?

Alyssa is currently employed as a Cybersecurity Advisor for the Federal Government. She is on her third federal agency. She’s extremely proud that she began as a GS-03 in 2007 and as, of 2021 is a GS-15. Besides her employment status, Alyssa spends time “just chilling” in various forms. She typically spends time “computering” — either working on various side projects or spending time engaging with the #infosec or #devops communities. When her time isn’t spent glued to a screen, Alyssa is either learning to knit/crotchet, taking a walk, or reading a book.

How does she pronounce her name?

Alyssa constantly finds herself telling people that “Its-a-lisa” in a way that emphasizes the “Lisa” part of her name, rather than it sounding like “Lyssa”. It should sound more like pizza than mister. Recently, people have asked if it is “Ah-Lisa” or “Aye-Lisa” and even Alyssa doesn’t know. She knows that there should be a Lisa in there at the end, and the beginning can be whatever.

Where is she from?

Alyssa is currently living in Washington, DC. Alyssa is from the Northshore of Boston, Massachusetts, and has the accent and attitude to go with it.